Lake Oswego Buyers Agent Service

Lake Oswego Buyers Agent Service

Lake Oswego Buyers Agent Service

If you are searching for a home or condo in Lake Oswego or any of the surrounding areas just let us know how we can help. Our only mission is to find you your dream property in Lake Oswego via our Buyers Agent Service.

Accessing us Buyers Agent Services cost you nothing! We are compensated directly from the Seller in any transaction. “Buyers Agency” means we will work in only YOUR best interest. You are our client so we only represent you and your needs, not the Seller. We work hard to negotiate the best price, terms, and ensure ALL aspects of the property are thoroughly inspected. If it needs repairs, we negotiate those repairs to be completed by the Seller at their cost or that a credit is issued at closing so you may choose who makes the needed repairs. We maintain complete client privacy during any previewing and/or transaction work.

Using a Lake Oswego Buyer’s Agent also means that you will be shown homes that are currently not listed on the market. These are referred to as “pocket listings” or “off-market listings.”

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